Condensing Boiler

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  • Most efficient combi boiler on the market—95.6% AFUE
  • Cost-effective, simplified installation—fewer components needed
  • No primary secondary piping or closely spaced tees required*
  • No system pumps required—reduces install time and cost
  • Fewer maintenance intervals required than the competition— Inspection every two years or 4,000 hours; Service every four years or 8,000 hours
  • 13,600 to 50,000 BTU heating load
  • Proprietary stainless steel heat exchanger for unmatched performance and durability
  • Greater control—system temperature adjustable in two-degree increments
  • Automatic de-aeration at start-up

Width: 19.7 inches

Height: 25.6 inches

Depth: 15.6 inches



Heating Input

50,000 BTU

Minimum Input

13,600 BTU

Gas Pressure

3.0” W.C.

Gas Line Size


DHW at 75° Rise


Turn-Down Ratio


Low Loss Header Kit

As Accessory

Gas Type

Natural Gas (propane conversion kit)

Venting Type

2 Pipe/Concentric

High Altitude

10,000 ft

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